Bayer Solfac EW-100ml- Use for Mosquitos Controls


Bayer Solfac EW-100ml- Use for Mosquitos Controls


Solfac® 050 EW contains Cyfluthrin 5% EW and is ideally suited for the control of cockroaches, houseflies and mosquitoes in houses. It is also suited for impregnation of bed nets for the control of mosquitoes to prevent malaria Where to use: Commercial building Indoor What to control: Cockroaches American Cockroach Brown-banded Cockroach German Cockroach Oriental Cockroach Flies Aedes Mosquito Culex Mosquito Anopheles Mosquito

Additional information

Weight.500 kg

Key Product Features

  • Mixes easily and has little or no smell, particularly suitable for sensitive applications
  • The active ingredient has a good sticking property adhering the treated surfaces for a longer period of time
  • Certified with BIS Mark
  • Comparatively low odor liquid concentrate with very low irritation

Where to Use

Commercial building, Indoor,

What to Control

Aedes Mosquitos, Culex Mosquitos, Anopheles Mosquitos


How to Use

  • Cockroaches, House flies & Mosquitos Control sprays 8ml/ 1 lit of water.
  • Bed Net impregnation against mosquitos: 1ml/ square meter of a bed net.

Read the entire label and leaflet before use and follow instructions carefully.

Safety Information

We also have some home-based insecticides products selling in the products lists. Therefore, it is compulsory for the customer to take special care with their uses.

To handle any insecticide, use the product as per the given instructions on the product or label and the product should be used with safety tools and equipment.

Keeping the product at home, so that the children cannot reach there. Always keep these products away from the children’s. LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY- The user is legally responsible for any damage due to misuse of Insecticides. Responsibility extends to effects caused by Toxic, allergic, hazard to use human, drift, runoff, or residues.

PERSONAL SAFETY- Follow label directions carefully. Avoid splashing, spilling, leaks, spray drift, and contamination of clothing.

NEVER eat, smoke, drink, or chew while using Insecticides. Provide for emergency medical care IN ADVANCE as required by regulation.

When you order a product, it means that you understand all the information about that product. You have got the sense of its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damage or losses to that product in the future. For that, no compensation will be provided by the company.

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Solfac 050 EW MSDS


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